Knappton Cove Heritage Center
Knappton CoveHeritage Center

Living History  at the Cove

Interact with Living Historians interpreting the Lewis & Clark Expedition!


Saturday July 13, 10-4 Sunday July 14, 10-3



Demonstrations include:


* Handling flintlock firearms

* Fire starting with flint and steel

* Camp cooking

* Making clothing from leather

* Making canoe paddles

Quarantine Battle of 1928!

June 1: Museum Open House & Program

1 PM Annual Meeting
1:30 PM Program


The Great Quarantine Battle of 1928: Portland vs. Astoria

Come hear about the research and the surprising story of a small town victory from our Board Member, Friedrich Schuler,
Portland State University Professor



US Public Health Service


    We celebrate the history of the U.S. Public Health Service. Come see the history of this Commissioned Corps. Follow the link below to read about the citizenship ceremony in their publication.

We're on page 15:


The Columbia River's "Ellis Island"

Knappton Cove Heritage Center


Come experience history where it happened.


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Regular Open Hours:

July-September Weekends

Saturday & Sunday, 1-4 pm



521 WA State Rte 401

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  • Diggin' into the Past at Knappton Cove (Archelogical Finds)
  • Immigrant Room (Donation Land Claim)
  • Cannery Days
  • Quarantined! (U.S. Columbia River Quarantine Station)
  • Fishin' in the 50's (Knappton Cove Camp)


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